Saying the right words at the right time

Most often, something bad will happen to a very good person. Life will throw a lemon at you for no reason at all. I was in the midst of a few major life changing incidents – lost my job at the bank, my father passed away, and I had just been dumped by my girlfriend of 2 years. I felt all alone in the world, a tiny speck on this this gigantic planet, who had no one for help or advice on making any decisions.

Having nowhere to go, I turned on my laptop and searched for an interesting forum online where I could just write out everything I felt. All the people at work spent half of their office hours on these sites and gushed about it all the time, so I decided to give it a try today. I found one under the name ‘Ask Questions’ and began typing whatever I felt in the comment box provided. I didn’t know if anyone out there was on the other end reading what I wrote. When I selected ‘Send’ I sat staring at the screen for a while and wondered if I felt any better. As I was contemplating my feelings, the page refreshed and I found a new comment below my message. Before I could read the first line, I found another comment added below. Slowly, more comments poured in and in a few minutes, a discussion had begun between me and three other people. They shared inspirational quotes with me and wrote prose sentences which came together into a kind of cadence that sounded so good, it felt poetic.

The words that lifted my soul and made me feel better came from a woman who was a school teacher. She wrote:

“You are uniquely great, even greater than the universe. Please, look into your heart to find out the bright light for self-realization. When light is found, all things will be clear. Sometimes it's difficult to venture out into the darkness - we are always apprehensive about the unknown. Just remember that you live for yourself - we all do. No matter what ties or connections we have to people, places, or things, we all make decisions based on what we decide to do. When opportunity knocks, answer. You just may find what you're looking for. What waits before you is a world of people ready to embrace you. So open your arms to new experiences and no regrets!”

Sometimes, just a few simple words can heal your soul and make you feel optimistic again.

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